How Do I Give Better Massages?

There is nothing more comfortable than relaxing right at home without any complications and pressure of high cost. People are easily suffered from chronic pains and pressure. This is the reason why therapists attempt to bring a great number of massage techniques to keep up with the needs and demands of users. In addition to the main function of relieving pains, massage helps enhance the blood circulation as well as immunity system to protect users from common issues such as flus, heart attack, etc…


Before applying massage therapy, the preparation for a comfortable environment becomes so important. It should be quiet and fresh places where you can feel relax completely. You shouldn’t allow any pet or kids there to avoid interruption and complication. Moreover, make your lights dim to create relaxing moments. For people who love romance, add some oils, candles, or a piece of music to build up the preface space to relax. There are differences between giving better massages for your patients and self-massages.


Better Massages for Other People

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If you want to give better massages to your patients, let’s pay attention to their comfort. The first important requirement is selecting suitable place for starting massaging therapy. It is advisable to let your patient sit in front of you. Put several drop of oils on your hands and make them warm. This is an important factor in relieving pressure knots. Then, slightly apply some warm-up steps on different areas and muscles before starting difficult techniques.

You could use gentle or deep kneading based on the needs of patients. Ask them for their requirements about the best massage levels. There are several parts you should avoid massaging such as abdomen and front of the neck.

To relieve pains on neck and shoulders, you should follow these techniques below. Use your left hands to massage right shoulder from up to down. Similarly, the right hands are responsible for squeezing left shoulder. Apply this action with 2 minutes. The back requires circle kneading on tight muscles of back or around spine, not spine.   


Better Self Massages


In case there is no one to help, self-massage is a great option for most of users. It is simple to apply this massage therapy in a safe way. All people could do these techniques to relieve pains and pressure without any difficulty.


If you have to deal with pressure on shoulders, use your left hand to massage right shoulder and vice versa. Other equipment plays an important role in supporting the massage session. For instance, you had better use the eraser to press circle pressure on your hands. It totally puts positive impact on relieving tight muscles on your thumbs. Another impressive recommendation is using therapy balls to produce deep tissues. You could also take advantage of a ball for rolling your feet. This therapy guarantees to make foot arch completely relax.



All in all, massage therapy is an efficient method in reliving soreness, improving immunity system and blood circulation. Applying massage in the right way helps bring tons of benefits to users. Let’s try and enjoy!


Special thanks to Stewart Higgins (Chief of for helping me with your sample massage therapy to complete this article. Hope that you can help me in my next article about massage chair equipment and other massage device!

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